Economical and Sturdy Scorekeeper's Chair in a Kit

Now, your Club does not have to spend over $500 for a durable and functional scorekeeper's chair. We have paper templates so that you can quickly construct this chair out of about $50.00 in materials available at any home improvement store.

Construction: The chair is assembled using 2.5", #10 deck screws with through bolts on major joints. Holes for screws and bolts are pre-drilled using the template markings. Each set of templates comes with simple instructions with pictures. A single person should be able to complete a chair in less than 4 hours. Once assembled, a light sanding can be used to round off any sharp edges and then the chair can be painted.

What you get: Templates that you lay on kiln dried 2x 3s showing angles cuts and hole locations for bolts and screws. A materials list and instructions

What you need: 11, 8 foot 2 x3s; a one pound box of 2.5" of #10 deck screws in the head and color style of your choice. Socket set. Drill-driver. Medium grit sanding sponges and a power sander if desired. A paint brush and about 1/2 quart of good, exterior, semi-gloss paint.

Properly assembled, painted and maintained, you chair should provide your club with decades of use.

Templates are only $35.00 and can be reused numerous times.

To ask questions or order, call 805 402 7238.