Save 50%!

It’s true, your club can save as much as 50% maybe even more on the cost of your shot curtain! How? Simple DO NOT WAIT UNTIL SOME AUTHORITY TELLS YOU THAT YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! You have to be brutally honest about your current situation. Is your club putting lead where it doesn’t belong? Is it reaching an adjacent landowner? Are there ANY type of wetlands,(even seasonal)? Does the property drain down to a pond, lake, creek or stream? Do not think that just because you have been shooting there since Coolidge was President that things will not change. They do change and when they do it happens quick and it happens really expensive.

However, if you are proactive and get your curtain up BEFORE the authorities show up they may consider that you have addressed the situation and take no formal action. On the other hand, if you get a formal notice you can incur significant legal fees, environmental studies costs, engineering fees, boundary surveys and special permits. These can easily double the cost of your curtain and even worse, they may impose conditions that you just can’t afford.

If you are not sure you have a problem, give us a call and we can put you in touch with people who can advise you. We took over manufacturing these shot curtain panels to keep clubs open. In the last few years numerous clubs have had to close because of their shot falling where it shouldn’t. Don’t let that happen to your club.