The cost of the panels is $18.50 per lineal foot for a standard 8 foot wide by 30' - 50' long panel. This includes the fabric, the edge binding with grommets and shipping to the closest to you contract sewing service we can find that can install the reinforced edging and grommets. You would pay the shipping from the sewing company to your club.

If you needed narrow or wider panels or some shorter than 30 feet, we would custom quote those modifications.

For a cost example, let’s look at the materials cost of a two trap installation that could be covered at 90 yards with a 270’ wide, 4 panel high Curtain.

Panels: 24, 8’x45’ @ $832.50 = $19,980
Poles: 7, 50 foot poles @ $900 = $6,300
Rigging wire & hardware = $2,500
Rigging crew 2 days = $4,000
Total = $32,780

To this amount you would need to add local permits and other professional services. It is recommended that you order at least one additional panel in case one gets damaged and because of the long lead time that may be required in getting a replacement.

In addition to amortizing your installation costs, you should also set aside money to pay for the replacement of the fabric. You can estimate that the two panels that take most of the pattern hits will last about 300,000 targets. Count how many targets your club throws each year and that will give you your panels expected life span. The top and bottom panels should last twice as long.