Next Steps

If you wish to explore the installation of a shot curtain, we will be glad to answer any questions and offer advice. However, we cannot assist you in the actual process. If you don’t have the expertise in your club to undertake this type of project, we recommend that you contact one of our dealers who can provide the expertise to help you move through the process in the most cost effective manner.

It is important to calculate the amount of lead that you can expect to recover based upon the volume of shooting you do. You should be able to recover up to 90% of the lead that is shot. What you net will depend on the cost of recovery, current price for lead and what the percentages are of the lead sold for scrap, you have redropped into new shot or sold as reclaimed.

For high volume clubs, the lead recovery can become a profit center above the cost of amortizing the curtain and makes installing the curtain a smart business opportunity regardless of need. For lower volume clubs that need the shot containment provided by the curtain, amortization may take longer and may even need to be supplemented, but, if the choice is investing in a curtain or losing your club the decision is simple.

The question usually arises as to how to raise the cash required to pay for the installation. One good way to get a good start is to have your existing lead mined. If this hasn’t been done for several years, you may be surprised at the amount of lead that has accumulated. Lead recovery firms can assess your site and give you an estimate.

We can also provide you a free limited partnership format that can be easily modified for your state’s limited partnership law. This can be offered to your club members as a reasonable investment as the terms of the partnership provide for the repayment of their capital and a better than market rate return secured by the lead recovery program. By example, if you needed to raise $50,000, 10 members can put up $5,000 each and be paid back over an agreed period of time. Participating members not only make a good investment but have the added satisfaction of helping keep their club viable. At 6% interest, annual payments over a 5 year plan would only be $11,900 or, about $1,000 per month.