Welcome to ShotStop

This shows the 129 foot test section installed at Redlands.
Eventually, the total length will be 1200'

In July of 2011, Redlands Shooting Park, one of the premier trap and skeet facilities in the Western United States, received a letter from the EPA demanding that it cease and desist from shooting lead into the down range dry riverbed that had also been named as an endangered species area. After 45 years, it looked like Redlands was going to suffer the fate of so many other clubs that have been shut down because of lead falling onto adjacent landowner's property.

However, we proposed installing a 1200' long shot curtain, 40' high that would catch the lead and keep it on gun club property. With a lot of work, the EPA, City, County, landlord and other governmental agencies agreed to the solution of the shot curtain and Redlands was saved for the enjoyment of future generations of recreational shooters.

Unfortunately, the only source for the specially made shot curtain material decided that it was too low a volume product for them to continue manufacturing and marketing. Knowing that a reliable source of the fabric was crucial not only for Redlands but for several other gun clubs who had or were planning to install curtains, Jim Tyner, Project Manager for the Redlands curtain installation, negotiated to acquire the rights to manufacture the special fabric from the previous provider. Jim, Gary Bombalicki and Terry Bilbey then formed ShotStop to make sure that all gun clubs would have continued and future access to this club saving solution.

Why ShotStop Works.

ShotStop is a made from a high strength polymer that is specially woven to absorb the impact of lead pellets. It is then heat treated with a coating that sets the weave, binds the thread fibers for added strength and provides additional weather and sun proofing for outdoor exposure. It can be permanently mounted in a fixed position or rigged to be opened/closed or raised/lowered depending on the weather patterns at the club location.

The curtain is recommended to be installed at least 90 yards from the 16 yard line though it may be installed as close as 75 yards if absolutely necessary. The shot hits the curtain and falls to the ground.


ShotStop curtains can be installed on wood or metal utility poles rated for the wind loading requirements for your area. The curtain is comprised fabric panels that come in 8 foot widths and can be ordered is lengths of between 30 and 45 feet. The panels can be installed on galvanized steel cables rigged on the poles. For installation engineering and contracting we recommend Coastal Netting of Bakersfield, CA. They are one of the nation's premier sports netting and barrier installers with a network of proven contractors in every region.